How can Organized Images help you get your photo project completed?


  • In-home consultation to assess overall collection (for clients living in southeastern Wisconsin)
  • Provide industry-accepted best practices for backing up digital images
  • Move all digital images to a central file repository, often an external hard drive
  • Write up an overall project plan based on client goals


  • Identify duplicate and blurry photos for client to potentially remove from collection
  • Move images into a core file structure, ordered by date or subject based on client preferences
  • Name files in a consistent way based on best practices
  • Add searchable keywords to the image metadata, enabling searching for specific images quickly and easily
  • Store printed photos and memorabilia in archival safe boxes
  • Scan printed images and merge these files into the client’s digital collection
  • Capture memorabilia in digital form, allowing for original items to be safely stored or for clutter to be reduced
  • Assist the client with selecting, installing, and learning to use photo management software to keep their collection organized and viewable going forward
  • Provide written documentation on the collection, including instructions on what is in the collection, where it is located, and how it is organized
  • Coordinate with local vendors to convert analog formats into digital formats, such as for slides, negatives, and film


  • Design themed or annual photo books that will become heirlooms to your family
  • Construct slide shows to commemorate special occasions such as milestone birthdays, graduations, and retirements
  • Duplicate all or parts of the photo collection onto external drives for other family members
  • Suggest and coordinate unique photo gifts