Are you overwhelmed by your photos? Do you have:

  • photos, scrapbooks, and memorabilia filling your closets?
  • no more room on your cell phone for new photos?
  • years of photos on your computer that could be lost if the drive crashes?
  • nagging guilt because you know you should do something with your photos and videos?

 I can definitely help you with any of these problems and more! Contact me today.

Organizing photos, videos, and memorabilia can be broken down into three types of activities. I can recommend the most efficient way to proceed based on your priorities!



How can Organized Images help you get your photo collection under control?


  • Discovery Session to assess overall collection and develop an overall plan based on client goals
  • Provide industry-accepted best practices for backing up digital images
  • Move all digital images to a central file repository, often an external hard drive
  • Store printed photos and memorabilia safely


  • Eliminate duplicate and blurry photos
  • Name files in a consistent way that enables searching for specific images quick and easy
  • Scan printed images and merge these files into the client’s digital collection
  • Digitize bulky memorabilia
  • Assist the client with choosing software to access and share their collection
  • Coordinate with local vendors to digitize slides, negatives, and film


  • Design luxury photo albums that will become family heirlooms
  • Construct slide shows for special occasions such as milestone birthdays, graduations, and retirements
  • Suggest and coordinate unique photo gifts


Organized Images can help you tackle that project that you have been avoiding!

Every photo organizing project is unique because of the many variables involved in each project. Because of this, I meet with new clients to go over their goals and see their collections. Often I help my clients break large projects involving a lifetime of memories into smaller projects.  As we discuss the scope of these smaller projects, I can then provide a more accurate estimate of the time that will be needed to complete them.

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