Are you overwhelmed by your photos?

Honestly, this is how a LOT of people feel about their photos. And because it’s been years in the making, there is often not a huge sense of urgency. That is, until something happens.

  • you lose your phone, and with it, years of photos
  • one of your kids is getting married
  • your computer crashes
  • someone is celebrating a special birthday
  • your middle-schooler has to bring in photos for a family tree
  • you are preparing to downsize and your photos fill a closet
  • you need to locate photos for a memorial service
  • you have a nagging guilt that you should do something with all the photos

I have seen all kinds of photo messes so you don’t have to tidy them up before you show me! Lets get rid of that nagging feeling of guilt over the photos. Contact me today.

Organizing photos, videos, and memorabilia can be broken down into three types of activities. I can recommend the most efficient way to proceed based on your priorities.


How I can help get your photos under control:


  • I start with a Discovery Session to take a look at the entire “mess” and develop an overall plan of attack
  • We’ll set up a “photo hub” where all of your digital images will live going forward
  • Safety first! I’ll look at any backup system you have in place and let you know if I think you should make any changes
  • I’ll make recommendations on how to safely store printed photos and memorabilia


  • We all take a LOT of photos to make sure we got a good shot, but then rarely go back and pick the best ones; an essential part of curating your photo collection is to delete duplicates, blurry shots, and the real duds
  • I’ll rename your files in a consistent way that will allow you to search for a specific photo and find it fast
  • I’ll rotate your photos as I go through them, so they will all look “upright”, no more twisting the phone for every other photo
  • Prints are then scanned and merged into your digital collection, putting all your photos in one place
  • I often will scan or take photos of school memorabilia, trophies and other bulky items
  • If you have other items to digitize, I can help with those too! I scan slides myself and can recommend several vendors that specialize in negatives and film


Once your collection is organized, it’s time to have some fun!

  • Most people want to be able to view their photos on all their devices and have other family members view them too; I can help you select a website or app for your own private family gallery
  • I can help you create one-of-a-kind photo books that will become family treasures
  • I can put together slide shows for special occasions like milestone birthdays, graduations and wedding rehearsals
  • I have all sorts of ideas for unique gifts and decor for your house that incorporate your photos


I am eager to help you tackle that photo project!

I’ll be honest, getting your photos organized is time consuming. It’s probably a mess that has been many years in the making. You might not be excited about spending hours on the computer. If you have prints to scan, doing it yourself means buying and learning how to use a scanner. And there are so many programs and websites to pick from but which ones can you trust with your precious photos? What I can offer is my experience in making these types of decisions and my efficiency because I’ve invested in training and professional tools to streamline the process of organizing photos. It still takes time because all the automation available today is not perfect and a human eye is needed to ensure that your photo collection is handled correctly. I do really like working on computers (love/hate relationship with scanners) and I promise I will treat your photo collection as if it were my own.

I am happy to offer a free initial consultation to talk about your photo project. These phone calls typically take 15 minutes.

If we are in agreement that I’m the right person to help you with your lifetime of memories, we will begin with a Discovery Session where we will discuss your collection and talk about your goals in detail.  I then will prepare a written plan for your entire collection, identifying the areas that need the most immediate attention and I will often suggest breaking a large project down into phases.

I offer all of my clients the option of  phone or Zoom online consultations and I can work remotely on your computer for some digital organizing projects. Regarding physical items, if you live in southeastern Wisconsin or as far west as Madison, I will pick up your items and return them when I am done digitizing them or you can drop them off at my home. All payments will be collected in advance using an online payment method. During this time of social distancing, I will quarantine your items in my home for 3 days prior to working with them and I recommend you do the same after you receive them back. For remote clients that are interested in digitizing services, I recommend mailing items to me using UPS with signature required.

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