Kathy Robinson

I am not afraid of your “photo mess”!

I became obsessed with organizing my own photos and memorabilia after my computer hard drive crashed and I had to piece my digital photo collection back together. Because I am a former IT professional, I focused on making sure that I never lost another photo again. I am extremely motivated to help my clients avoid that kind of loss as well.

Another part of my journey in organizing photos came when a friend had a virus on her computer back in 2007 or 2008. After I removed over 300 viruses from it, I noticed that her photos were in multiple folders on her desktop, with some clearly being duplicates. I spent some time getting everything into one place so that she could find her photos easily.

I opened my photo organizing business in 2016 and have invested in professional grade scanners and training so that I can help you get your family collection organized, backed up, and easily searched when you want to share a specific photo. I can help you stop the endless scrolling through your phone’s camera roll!

I provide personal photo organizing services to the southeastern Wisconsin area and occasionally find myself as far west as Madison.  But it doesn’t stop there, because thanks to technology, I provide digital organizing services to clients living anywhere in the country.  Click here to contact me.