I am eager to help you tackle that photo project!

I’ll be honest, getting photos organized is time-consuming. It’s likely a mess that has been many years in the making. I’ve invested in training and professional tools to streamline the process of organizing and scanning photos. I will treat your photo collection as if it were my own.

Here are the basic steps for any photo organizing project:

    1. Free consultation (optional)
    2. Purchase an initial block of 10 hours
    3. Project Kickoff meeting via Zoom
    4. I begin work and send weekly updates
    5. I invoice you for additional blocks of 10 hours as necessary

I offer a free consultation so that we can discuss whether I am the right person for your project. These phone calls typically take 15 to 30 minutes.

When you are ready to begin working with me to tackle your photo project, you will purchase an initial block of 10 hours and schedule your Project Kickoff meeting, which will be held over Zoom. All payments will be collected in advance using an online payment method.

For digital organizing projects, we will determine the best way to gather files from your devices and online services.

For local clients (southeastern Wisconsin and as far west as Madison), I can pick up items at your home and return them when I am done or you can drop them off at my home office. For remote clients, I recommend mailing items to me using UPS as they provide the most reliable deliveries to my address at this time. I am happy to return items to you via your preferred carrier.

I perform all photo scanning in-house using professional equipment and this service is performed at my hourly rate with no additional per-scan charge.

My hourly rate for all photo organizing work is $75 per hour and payment is required in advance. A discounted rate of $60/hour is available for those purchasing prepaid blocks of 10 hours.

I am frequently asked, “Well, um ok, I understand you charge on an hourly basis…but…well…about how many hours do you think it might take?” I understand where you are coming from! It can be nerve-wracking to not understand exactly what you are signing up for. In my experience, the average digital organizing project takes at least 20 to 30 hours to complete.

I update you on your project every week via email. Because I only work on a prepaid basis, you remain in control of your wallet. I will not spend hours beyond those that you have already paid for. And if your project concludes before the final 10 hour block is used up, I am happy to issue a refund for any unspent hours.

When I am working on your project, some of the tasks take a lot of time, such as copying files, backing files up, and running software to detect duplicates. I do not charge for this time where the computer is doing the work! If I can start something and walk away, the clock stops and only resumes when I begin actively working on your project.

For an additional fee, I also can provide a range of items that you may be interested including archival storage boxes, external hard drives, online photo gallery subscriptions, backup hardware and software, and photo management software. Please note that I do not collect any affiliate fees or commissions, so I am just as happy to have you purchase items directly.

All pricing is subject to change.

Contact me today to discuss your photo organizing project!