How I can help get your photos under control:


  • I start with a Discovery Session to take a look at the entire “mess” and develop an overall plan of attack
  • We’ll set up a “photo hub” where all of your digital images will live going forward
  • Safety first! I’ll look at any backup system you have in place and let you know if I think you should make any changes
  • I’ll make recommendations on how to safely store printed photos and memorabilia


  • We all take a LOT of photos to make sure we got a good shot, but then rarely go back and pick the best ones; an essential part of curating your photo collection is to delete duplicates, blurry shots, and the real duds
  • I’ll rename your files in a consistent way that will allow you to search for a specific photo and find it fast
  • I’ll rotate your photos as I go through them, so they will all look “upright”, no more twisting the phone for every other photo
  • Prints are then scanned and merged into your digital collection, putting all your photos in one place
  • I often will scan or take photos of school memorabilia, trophies and other bulky items
  • If you have other items to digitize, I can help with those too! I scan slides myself and can recommend several vendors that specialize in negatives and film


Once your collection is organized, it’s time to have some fun!

  • Most people want to be able to view their photos on all their devices and have other family members view them too; I can help you select a website or app for your own private family gallery
  • I can help you create one-of-a-kind photo books that will become family treasures
  • I can put together slide shows for special occasions like milestone birthdays, graduations and wedding rehearsals
  • I have all sorts of ideas for unique gifts and decor for your house that incorporate your photos